Refund, Replacement & Cancellation policies

Order Cancellation Policy

Once plants are packed or shipped, orders cannot be cancelled. Will be only eligible for refund under 7 days quality guarantee rules (please refer to 7 days quality guarantee details guide). So please check your shopping cart correctly before proceed to payment.

Our Quality Assurance:

Our plants and products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and well-rooted. Majority of our orders are delivered without any issues. However, due to the complexities of packing and shipping of live plants, sometimes things don’t quite go as expected. For these rare instances, we offer this 7 Days Quality Guarantee to all our customers.

Refund and Replacement Policy

If plants do not arrive in acceptable conditions (please refer to our 7 Days Quality Guarantee), customers may choose one of the following options:

  • Refund via Credit card, online account or convert into store credit for future purchases (depending on which one we use)
  • Replacement of plants (subject to availability)

This guarantee applies to all plants purchased for up to 7 days after delivery (count from day transporter pick up the parcel from our nursery).

7 Days Quality Guarantee Details


  • No Roots (applicable to plugs and potted plants only)
  • Root Rot
  • Disease on leaf(visible) (not cover the press mark or injured on leaf during shipping time)
  • Incorrect plant according to our catalogue (Please check term of services where we are not responsible for plants name used by others web which differ from us)
  • Visible damage to pots, planters, or other accessories (applicable to purchase of pots, planters and accessories, not applicable to pot use on live plants)


  • Dried or wilted bottom leaves (naturally occur in all plants, can be easily remove without damaging the plant)
  • Press mark or injured on leaf or plant during shipping time, or some of the fallen fresh leaves.
  • Plants look a little dehydrated. It is common after we prepare the plants for shipping, and the plant will look vitalize after given some water.
  • Potting soil on leaves or spill over
  • A couple of broken, missing or wilted leaves
  • Minor colour/shape differences from photograph in our catalogue (the colour different can because of weather condition, which is out of our control)
  • For assorted products order in tray, differ from the set show in catalogue (assorted order will be our random pick depend on plants availability)
  • Damage due to mishandling of transporters.
  • Dead or rotted plants due to delaying in transporters.
  • Dead or rotted plants due to receiver not available at home and thus the parcel stuck at transporter office.
  • Plants name different than other source of information (example, internet or books), please buy at your own risk.

Important Notes:

1. The names of our plants might differ from other sellers or sources of information used. If there is a dispute in the names of plants, we will use our names as reference.

2. Actual plant (size, outlooks and colour) might differ from the catalogue. Photos in our catalogue are for illustrations only and all plants grow differently. Actual plants may be smaller or larger than their pots. If you feel your succulent is too small, please double check with the product listing and term of services prior to contacting us.

3. The 7 days guarantee starts from the day plant pick up from nursery by the transporter, and do not take into account missed-delivery, not-at-home cases, or any other situations where the delays are caused by the customers or transporters.

4. Packages must be retrieved and opened within 24 hours after delivery to qualify for returns, refunds, or store credit.

5. Once the parcels are handed over to the transporters, customers will bear the shipping risks (for e.g. damages due to mishandling by transporters, missing of parcels, failed deliveries, poor delivery service from the transporters, etc.) or delayed in delivery. For any damages due to shipping, customers will have to claim with the transporters directly.

6. To request for Refund or Replacement, please submit your claim form (hyperlink to form) within 7 days of delivery, and please provide photos of the damaged plants as proof and verifications.

7. For replacements of plants, we will only pack and ship the replacement plant(s) only in one shipment, and will not add in any newly purchased plants.

8. In replacements plants, by default, will be of the same plant/variety purchased. If the replacement plant is out of stock, we will contact customer to offer

  1. a substitution of another type/specie in equivalent value OR
  2. wait for the new stock arrival of the same plant;
  3. It cannot be converted into store credits.

9. In refund cases, customers can choose either

  1. refund via Credit card, online account
  2. add the refund amount into store credit for future purchases.

How to claim for Refund or Replacement:

If your orders have issues covered under our 7 Days Quality Guarantee policy, please follow the steps below:

  1. Within 7 days of delivery of your orders, complete and send us this form
  2. Attach photos to support your claims and for our verifications.
  3. Refund or replacement will made once your case is verified.

We will respond to your submission within 3 business days. If your case is deemed for Refund or Replacements, please allow us 1 to 2 weeks to process it.

Return Policy

All the return plants for replacement if qualify for 7 Days Quality Guarantee, the returning courier charges will bear by cacti-succuland. Any others return due to any other reasons, cacti-succuland will not bear the returning courier charges.

We have a fix courier charges in picking up the returning parcel, if for certain location where the pickup service is not available, we may need customers to courier back, charges will be compensate/refund according to the rate stated by that particular courier company use, please refer to the postage charges page.