How We Pack

All orders are packed by hand to ensure the plants are well protected during shipping and delivered in good conditions.

We choose to use recyclable and biodegradable materials in our packing to reduce impact to the environment. It’s our business principle to preserve the environment.

Individual Plants And Collections

Each plant is shipped fully rooted in a plastic pot. All of our plants can be easily removed from their original pots for transplanting. Some damaging in root will be fine during transplantation.

Plants may be slightly wilted due to transportation but will recover rapidly upon receiving water after unpacking upon delivery. So please unpack and water them immediately upon receiving the parcel.

Unrooted Offsets, Cutting, Or Bare Root Plants

These plants/cuttings are shipped in a paper bag and are not guaranteed of rooting after planting.

Trays With Pots

These potted plants will be shipped together with the holding trays.